Fishing in the UK includes the option for sport fishing and angling. Sport fishing is most suitable for those with recreational kayaks as one can fish and also do other activities. 

The UK water bodies are mostly composed of manmade lakes, fisheries, rivers, and lochs. There are many places in the UK where you can go fishing, whether freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing. Saltwater fishing is mostly done in the sea.

I’m going to mention five of the best saltwater fishing spots in the UK.

Fishing in the UK
Saltwater fishing in the UK

5 of the Best Spots for Saltwater Fishing in the UK

1) Moggs Eye Beach-Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire

This is a good fishing spot mostly for recreational purposes and is surrounded by unspoilt countryside and sand-hills which provide beautiful scenery. Located in Mabelthorpe, Lincolnshire the most predominant fish species are the Black Bream, Dab and Sea Bass.

This spot has a variety of species and makes it a good location for some recreational fishing. Fishing here is mostly done by tourists using their recreational kayaks.

2) Clevedon Bay Beach- Bristol, North Somerset

Located at the mouth of the River Severn. It’s a long pier popular with fishermen, both professionals and amateurs. The Clevedon Bay Beach also serves as a local tourist attraction site. Recreational kayaks can be used here as kayaking is a common activity in this spot.

3)  New Brighton Beach – Wallasey Village, Wirral

This fishing spot is in the north-west of the Wirral peninsula and offers a 4-mile stretch of golden sand and it is mostly occupied during summer. Fishing can be done during Autumn, and the common species of fish that is caught here is the Dab which is predominant in these sandy beaches. Best baits to use here are worms. A recreational kayak can be used when one wants to take underwater photos of the inner parts of the sea.

4) Allhallows Beach – Rochester, Medway

This is a small holiday village on the mouth of the River Thames, mostly a quiet destination for fishing and with a holiday park. Recreational fishing is mostly practiced here as the people who inhabit this area are people who are on vacation and holidays. The sole is mostly common here usually during the Autumn and Winter seasons.

5) Hill Head Beach – Fareham, Hampshire

This is a single beach set along a long straight section of the coastline opposite to the Isle of Wight. The beach is separated into three areas. Fishing here is mostly done for recreational purposes and thus mainly for people with a recreational kayak. The giant sand eel is mostly predominant here.


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