Free Walking Tour – What to Do in Berlin in Winter

Berlin in winter? What do you think?

Our videographer Greg takes us on a historical and cultural free walking tour of a snow-covered Berlin, giving us an insight into the Bohemian history of Germany’s cultural capital.

Taking a leisurely walk through the city Greg is given a background into the importance of the arts and music scene in reflecting Berlin’s tumultuous past.

From the fall of the Berlin Wall and ‘the dead zone’, to the vibrant, pulsing city that Berlin is today – the best way to see it all is on foot!

Greg took a weekend trip to Berlin, Germany and wanted to put together a short video highlighting the experience there.

It was a winter city break where he got a chance to see a bit of Berlin. He had yet to explore, checking out more of the art scene and bohemian sub culture. It was a great trip and we hope you like the video.

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