You might be leaving the city life behind you when you enter into the Suomussalmi municipality of Finland and head north towards Hossa National Park, but there’s certainly no lack of awesome Hossa National Park accommodation options around the park vicinity.

All you need is a sense of adventure and a willingness to embrace the wild, and you’re set!

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Hossa National Park accommodation

Check out some of the great Hossa National Park accommodation options that we tried out.

Camping Hossan Lumo

Regardless of how you’d like to spend your nights around Hossa National Park, Camping Hossan Lumo offers a variety of accommodation options from luxury cabins to caravan and tent lots. Their cottages are available all year round and their facilities are located along the beautiful lake of Hossanjärvi.

Many locals also enjoy visiting Camping Hossan Lumo as they offer a small café and mini market from April to October and a variety of equipment rentals including kayaks, canoes, row boats, SUP boards, Fatbikes and HOK-ski’s.

Location: Lumontie 3, 89920 Ruhtinansalmi

Norwide (Hotel Hossan Lomakeskus)

While you might recognize the brand Norwide as an Adventures Tour company, they also have a hotel available in the summer months called Hossan Lomakeskus. Offering modern accommodations overlooking a beautiful lake in the middle of the wilderness makes it the perfect place to watch the sunset from the comfort of your bed.

Norwide offers brown bear watching tours and even husky walks through the national park in the summer. Canoes and bikes are also available for rent.

Location: Hossantie 278A, 89920 Ruhtinansalmi

Kovavaara Wilderness Lodge

This rustic lodge is not available to everyone but can be booked through Hossa Travel. Just give the owner Tarmo a shout and he’ll be the first one to help plan your perfect Hossa National park itinerary out in the wilderness. Kovavaara Wilderness Lodge is not just an accommodation. But a wilderness escape where you’ll have the opportunity to pick surrounding herbs and berries for dinner, watch the sunset over the lake and enjoy a wood burning sauna experience before you fall asleep.

Free Hossa National Park accommodation: Out in the Wilderness

Of course, if you’re one for adventure, you also have the option of camping out in the wilderness free of charge. We spent a night cooking over the open flames of a campfire and listening to the rain fall in our tree-hung hammocks. This is definitely something you need to experience at least for a night when visiting Hossa National Park. There are public washrooms and rest areas which include pre-built campfires, shelters and wood stations where you can chop your own pinewood fresh for the fire.

There are also a number of other places near Hossa National Park offering cabin rentals, campsites and caravan parking.

For a list of accommodations in the Hossa area, you can check out


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