Relax on the beaches, a trip to the ancient mountain monasteries or grilled halloumi for lunch is the minimum program for those who go for a week on the island of Aphrodite.

However, the standard set can vary, if you look at the impressive list of historic villages, ask healing properties carob and learn all about the “Commandaria”, the oldest wine in the world. These are all included in in an itinerary for Cyprus when visiting this beautiful island.

When to visit Cyprus

Of course, the best time to explore the Akamas is in spring, when all the hills surrounded by greenery, blooming shrubs and fragrant meadow flowers. In summer there is good to be in the evening, have a picnic and you can feel the power and beauty of wildlife.

What to do in Cyprus: A different type of guide

A few different suggestions of what to do in Cyprus from the typical beach life.

Stay active

The stereotypical picture of Cyprus as a place of lazy beach holiday is instantly changing. You need only to go outside the hotel. Destroys the usual picture. You should visit the Akamas peninsula in the northwestern part of Cyprus. It is believed that the area was named due to the mythical son of Theseus – Akamantise who sailed to Cyprus after the Trojan War.

This area is under UNESCO protection. You can travel only by jeep, because the roads here are bad (a simple gravel road, then climb up, then dive down). The area of ​​the peninsula is the best suited for off-road enthusiasts.

If you want to estimate your physical shape? Go to the Adventure Park in the Troodos Mountains. Professional instructors will explain the principles of climbing on “training”.

Visit a donkey farm

Whether to go on the donkey farm? Do you think it will be boring? Certainly not! Go there to see that quiet and humble donkeys rather playfully jumping on the paths. The task of the rider is to keep the animal from this rush and get along with him. On the camel farm, you can feed the animals, ride on them, swim in the pool and meet with ostriches.

Donkey farm in Cyprus
Donkey farm in Cyprus

Get introduced to the village way of life

Several years ago, the Cypriot government worried about the preservation of villages in the mountains and came up with a program of conservation, taking over 50 per cent. It included, among other things, the recovery of the external historic appearance of the building of houses is only of local stone. At the same time they launched the project and agro tourism, which included 57 villages. All this was done to restore the local crafts, the creation of hiking trails.

Although in many villages still ongoing construction work, the locals welcome all guests. Only your feet touch the pavement in the village of Omodos, you will immediately be offered to taste freshly baked bread and taste the wine. The village of Yeroskipou – the best place for tasting Delight.

Visit the local villages in Cyprus
Visit the local villages in Cyprus