Brijuni/Brioni National Park

Must day trip is Brijuni islands. Visit the spectacular flora and fauna on the Brijuni islands. There is a safari park with animals donated to the Yugoslavian president Tito. Boats trip leave frequently and it takes  15 min, from  Fazana town.


The most romantic and beautiful city in the world, is located only 2 hrs away from Porec in Istria. You can reach it by boats leaving every morning form different harbours in Istria, returning in the evening. Check, ferry for tickets.

Postojna Cave

Located in south Slovenia, This cave has a fantastic web of tunnels and passages that can be explored. See the rare, human fish or olm. One can drive to the cave from Porec in 1.30hrs.

Oprtalj or Portole

Situated in Northern Istria, this village makes for a picture perfect day trip. One can reach it from Motovun town, through narrow roads.

Ucka National Park

The Ucka mountain range makes for a great escape from civilisation. Its proximity to the sea make for lush vegetation and a particular climate. One can hike and take in the amazing views of  Istria. Download a map.

Visnjan Observatory

ViĆĄnjan Observatory is a prolific astronomical observatory located near the village of  Visnjan in Istria. Here one can take a creative summer program in science.

Baredine Cave

Another monument of nature, located in central Istria worth visiting. This mystical underworld has been developing for thousand of years, far away from the light of the day and the human eye.


another  day trip worth doing is visiting the charming town of  Rabac.  Rabac is surrounded by towering hills, with a lovely pebble beach, pleasant climate and view of Kvarner Bay.

Povorka mrtvaca/Danse Maccabre

The very small church of  Marija na Skrilinah located near Beram has this maccabre dance painting by Vincent from Kastav from 1474 worth seeing live.


Only 1.30 hour drive away form Porec in Istria, Trieste is worth visiting for its rich cultural heritage of being  at the crossroads of Latin, Slavic, and Germanic cultures. In the 19th century, it was the most important port of one of the Great Powers of Europe.


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