There are several ways to explore Petra in Jordan and each one will be great, because Petra is just an amazing place. But I think an experience, which will get better with each visit, sounds good, right?

When planning your Petra itinerary, plan in a minimum of 2 days to have a constant increase of excitement.

Petra Itinerary

Petra: Day One

Start your Petra itinerary by visiting Little Petra. You will see, Little Petra is quite big already. Little Petra was a stopover for the caravans in the old days.

Watch closely and you’ll find in the walls a clever water system, which supplied the travelers with water from the surrounding hills. The whole place is perfectly covered and hidden and you can feel how it must have been to arrive there in the past, after you’ve traveled through the desert.

Petra In The Evening

You got a first impression how Petra might be like with Little Petra. Now you’ll do the next step… Petra by Night! Buy the ticket at the entrance gate and be ready for an amazing walk at around 8 pm.

Don’t forget your camera!

You’ll just see the shadows of the surrounding hills at first. Then the walk will get you into the gorge and you’ll wonder how this place will look like at day time! You won’t need a torch, as the whole way will be lighted. This walk already is amazing and worth the experience!

But it’s not the highlight yet…

The walk ends at the famous Treasury of Petra!

You’ll probably will have seen photos of it already. The area in front of the Treasury itself will be full of lights and you will be asked to sit down. It’s good to be one of the first at the walk, so that you can enjoy the sight and make some nice photos without people walking around in the lighted area.

As soon everybody arrived, there will be a short introduction and two music acts. Lay back, enjoy the view and the sound.

As soon the show is over you are allowed to walk around again. Take your time and why don’t be one of the last leaving this amazing place. That way, the walk back won’t be crowded and you’ll pretty much have the walk in the gorge and the lights for yourself.

Petra: Day Two

By now you will be very curious how Petra will look like in the day time. So don’t wait any longer and go for it! Get up early and plan in the whole day! Petra is not “just“ the Treasury which you’ve seen at night. It’s much more and you are easily able to stay a third day and you still wouldn’t have seen it all.

On each day, don’t forget to wear comfortable walking shoes! You will have to walk through sand, but also on top of parts of the original road.

Wander around a bit and follow the way into the valley. After you’ve passed the theatre on the left, look out for public toilets. Go there, even if you don’t need them!

The first souvenir stand on the left of them is special!

Do you want to know how it was to live in a cave of Petra? Now it’s your chance! With a bit of luck you will meet Marguerite van Geldermalsen. If she is not there in person, you’ll probably meet her son. Marguerite came to Petra in the seventies as a backpacker and was looking for an accommodation. That was the beginning of a love story and she wrote her experience down in a book. Find it here:

I haven’t read it, but I’m sure it’s worth it! But even if you are not interested in reading and are thinking of buying a souvenir, it’s worth checking her stand. She got some unique jewelry, with designs which you’ll also find again at the temples.

When you’ve arrived in the valley, there is a walk up to the Monastery. I hope you are still fit, as it’s worth to climb the many steps. But there is a second option… Hold on tight while a donkey gets you up there. You shouldn’t pay more than around 10 JD, even if they might ask you for 100.

The walk to the Monastery won’t dissapoint you. The walk itself is great & at the top you’ll have an amazing view, if you just walk a bit further. Usually you should have a good sight and will be able to see all the way to Israel.

Enjoy your Petra itinerary and let me know how you liked it and how your best Petra experience look like!

Thanks to Visit Jordan who organized this trip!


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