Osaka is a massive city, second only to Tokyo. While our time here was short, it was easily the single most amazing night we had in Japan.

After wandering down the narrow street past many adult clubs, we found our hostel for the night – Not to say it was not without trouble.

Here’s how we spent a day in Osaka.

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A day in Osaka itinerary

First stop, the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. This aquarium is one of the largest in the world, it was definitely on our to do list.
The thing that set this aqaurium apart from others we have seen is that, instead of hundred of tanks for every species, this one contains different marine life in 16 massive tanks with acrylic glass 30cm thick. If you ever find time to hit it up it is highly suggested. You really can get lost in thought due to the general serene nature of it.

We did hit the main stripDotonbori, in Osaka for dinner. This strip has a plethora of restaurants, each yelling at you with their amazing moving neon signs. One restaurant even has a giant crab with moving legs above the door.

We ended up eating at this popular Salisbury Steak place. How Salisbury steaks get their own restaurant is yet to be determined, however, pictures of this greasy meat with a piece of velveeta on top tickled our fancies due to the ramen diet we were currently on – and why not try this popular “local” fare? The only weird thing was that it was decorated like a Joe’s Crabshack – random decorations everywhere.

Interesting fact! Osaka and Hiroshima both claim to be the creators of Okonomiyaki. While we did enjoy it in Hiroshima, this too is a MUST TRY! The experience is fantastic. Just be aware that it is a lot of food, even if your eyes and your stomach tell you differently.

It didn’t take long before we found a small bar that would conclude our night. We quickly found out how warm the locals were in this small bar. The night continued with a drinking game involving a deck or cards and Cuervo with the regulars and salarymen. They can party and will give you a run for your money in regards to liquor intake! BEWARE!

Osaka is a wonderful city with much to do and definitely a place we will return to on our next trip back to Japan.

Now, if only we can remember where the bar is…


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